Sunday, April 20, 2008

So distracted.....sorry

I've been so busy with life and family that I've been really bad about keeping my shop stocked. There have been a great deal of challenges hitting our home recently. We've had health problems with both my mother, my children and my mother-in-law. My son's 2 1/2 yr old dog (who we were training to help us with him) got very sick and passed away very unexpectedly. We miss you so much Maximillian (Max the wonder doggie!). I know some don't see the reason for such sadness-"it's only a dog". Not for us-Max and our other pets are family members. They are loved as much as our children. I've planted a beautiful rose bush for him and another will go in (if it ever stops raining here) for our other lost doggie-Sadie Mae. She passed during my pregnancy with Nikolas.

I am working on a current order and getting ready to get some instock items finished. I am adding several new cloth diapers in a range of sizes. I am also happy to add a new diaper "Nikolas" in honor of my son. This diaper is higher in the back, slightly lower in the front and comes with an additional snap in soaker. It works wonderfully for those wheelchair bound kiddos and doesn't give "plumber rear" for those who lay on the floor and scoot around. :D

I've take the best parts of several different patterns I've seen, used or simply just like the look of and meshed them all together. This diaper will come in several sizes but I am getting the large, XL, and youth ready first. Larges will fit about a 2t-3t, XL will be 3T-5T and youth fits sizes 5-7/8. They have multiple snap settings across the front for a lot of adjustability. Please remember all sizes are approximate since we are all shaped a bit differently. I will post measurements to help when selecting a size. These will be available for custom orders and I will also have some listed that are ready to ship. If life stays calm, I'm hoping to have these ready and listed on both Etsy and Ebay in the next 4-6 weeks.

Please pray for the calm times! We could all use them right now. Wishing for peace and tranquility for all of you-
Suzanne W. :D