Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recent News & temporary changes

OK, my surgery went fine but it's been a LOT harder to recover this time. You'd think it would be simple since it was just a laporoscopy-a few small incisions and a few stitches. HA! No such luck. Now I'm swollen and can't climb the stairs very well so I can't even get to my sewing machines. I have 1 downstairs-it's my older one and it needs serviced. I thought I'd be "cute" and go upstairs anyway and use my new one. Bobbin threads everywhere when I sew. It's a computerized sewing/embroidery machine and it looks like it needs to be taken in too. I've cleaned them as well as I can but.....GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna put this down to God telling me to take a short break and give myself some more time to heal. I'm just going to stop taking custom orders and sewing diapers for a few weeks. Hopefully that will allow me to heal and get these machines worked on. They really don't like the thicker/plush diaper fabrics very much. I'm considering a commercial machine instead of another less expensive one. Maybe I can find one gently used.
Well anyway I hope to start taking custom orders again in November-we'll see. Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

FOE finally here-YEA!!!

OK so here's the deal. I didn't get hardly any diapers ready & posted for the promotion we did at the end of September. :(
I just didn't have enough FOE. It was on order but didn't make it here in time. The foe (elastic binding) is finally here! Better late than never. :)
I missed having a bunch of diapers posted for the Real Cloth Diaper week but now I can finish all the ones that are cut out and waiting for FOE. Now I can also finish the trainers I've working on too. Yippee!
Now I just need to find the time to get all this sewing done. I suppose this means that I will have plenty to post over the next few weeks.

Enough about that-it's too much planning for this late at night. I will also be MIA during the middle of October. I'm due for (a relatively simple) surgery but it will keep me in the bed for awhile and doing only easy things for a bit after I'm allowed to get up. No sewing then...grrrr...after I finally get my supplies and the momentum and some "free" time......

Ahhh well it's past my bedtime and we've got church tomorrow so I'll update as I can. I'll also post here when I get the new stuff listed on Etsy. Have a wonderful night everyone!