Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm still here...

It's been so long since I've posted. I'm so sorry! I've gone back to work part-time and over the summer it ended up being more like full-time. I was also a "single parent" with both kids since my hubby got a temp job out of state. This summer was crazy and hectic but we got a lot accomplished. Now that school is back in session for the kids and I'm getting my class schedule settled I can begin focusing on my shops again. I've just started retailing Clean B detergents. I've tried a lot of different kinds of detergents, both "momma made" and store bought. There are a lot of nice ones but none met my needs until Clean B. This stuff is wonderful! It's what I now use for all my laundry. I've got ridiculously hard water so I use the "super b" version but I don't need fabric softeners, color safe bleach or other additives. On rare occasions I do add an oxygen booster but it's not a necessity. When I first saw it I thought it was a bit pricey but it costs me less to use this since I don't need all the other additives and such. I've been using it since March and have only used store bought products when my Clean B was on backorder. There are literally over 100 scents to pick from so I have to decide which ones to carry in my Hyena Cart shop. I love really clean scents and personally used "Country Clothesline" or "Laundromat". I like scents like "baby powder" for diapers, although my son is getting a bit old for that now I think. Our clothes come out clean and smell wonderful plus a bonus is that our house smell nice too when the laundry is going. :) I have sample size bags listed too for those who'd like to try this without a big commitment. Have a wonderful weekend!! Suzanne W. :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Retro Owls One Size Infant/Toddler

I have to say, when I saw this print I was not impressed. I only bought 1 yard of it because I just wasn't sure about it. Can I say WOW!! I sews up into the cutest diapers and they would be appropriate for both girls and boys.
This diaper is in the Etsy shop. It was created using the Sprout Snap OS diaper pattern from and I really like it. The pattern is simple but has lots of adjustment so you can get newborns into it as well as your toddler.
I turned this one into a pocket diaper so an insert will be needed but the pattern would make a cute as an AIO or fitted diaper. Oooh, I think it would be a cute swim diaper or trainer too. What do you think?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The latest custom order

I just finished an order for an custom elementary sized diaper. I love doing these! Maybe that's because it's the size my son wears so I get a lot of ideas from these customs. I used the fall colors Ooga Booga, bamboo fleece, zorb and the softest dark chocolate brown Cuddle Dry microfleece I've ever felt. This diaper is so soft & squishy I almost kept it and made her another one, lol!
Just thought I'd share! I'm all caught up with custom orders so I've got several open slots right now for diapers, absorbent undies and g-tube pads on Etsy. If you don't see a custom listing for what you need just contact me and I'll set up one for you.
Have a wonderful week!