Wednesday, December 31, 2008

KCK One Larger sizes & CPSIA

I'm finally getting a few new things listed....YEA!! Actually, I opened up 2 listings for the new KCKOne Large Child and Tween sizes. I'm finally getting caught up on a (very) few things around here, thus getting ready to sew up all the precut items I have. I think a few large child and tween diapers will be listed soon.

I'm only going to do a few since there are new "rules" going into effect on Feb 10, 2009. They're going to require testing for each batch of items for lead. My problem is that, while I want our kids protected, all my things are individual and unique so "batch testing" is impossible and seriously expensive. Most of us that make handmade are hoping that the Feds get things fixed and only require the testing slips for the componants. Lets get real, if each componant passed testing then why is it necessary to test the final product. I mean these are diapers folks! They go on the bum not in the mouth and if all the parts are lead free or within the miniscule proportions then the final product will be too. Lets hope all the fuss we are raising will get realistic rules and regs. I will be compliant but at a huge cost if they don't fix this mess. It will mean that I cannot produce anything intended for anyone under age 12. Bummer!!

I'm really nervous about this and contacted our IN state reps...guess what-they have NO CLUE about what is exempt and what isn't. This legislation was orginally for toys and such but seems to have extended to ANYTHING for those under age 12. For those who are as confused as I am, this legislation was passed earlier this year because of the lead paint in toys and bibs from China. I want my kids safe-thus buying handmade from here in the US by WAHP's (work at home persons). The legislation was vague (to be polite!) and passed quietly. We, the general public, were told about the basics but not a firm list of what products were included. Most people thought it is just for toys-NOPE. The legislators figured they'd tweek it and come up with specifics later. Well later is here and they haven't finished it. Search "National Bankruptcy Day" and see what you find. Scary. On the upside there is some reform getting atleast thought about. I just got a legislation proposal link in my email and it talks about some of the testing & possible exclusions. Natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, hemp & linen are excluded provided they are not dyed in any way. That's nice but my concern is now what other items even need testing? No one can seem to decide.

I'm just going to keep praying that certifications on the fabrics will be enough to make my products legal so I can keep selling for everyone. Otherwise it's only for those 12 & up after 2/10/09. Your prayers (and calls to legislators!) will be VERY APPRECIATED by everyone with little ones, especially small US businesses. We all want our kids safe. Plus, I don't want everything available to be from China or Vietnam (they can afford the testing) and not by the small business here. My money wants to stay in the US economy all the way around. God Bless and have a safe and happy New Year!
Suzanne W. :D