Sunday, March 27, 2011

The "C" word strikes again...'s a horrible disease that does horrible things to people and their families. It has many forms and doesn't care who it hurts. It strikes without warning. It has done it again. I'm including links to 2 blogs with better details.

If you sew or know someone who does PLEASE, PLEASE consider purchasing a few patterns from Berritt's shops. I've used patterns from her for a while now...they are very clear and sew up beautifully. She has a wonderful selection of e-reader patterns and cute girls clothing. Beginners and experienced sewers can create beautiful items with her patterns.

Thank you so very much!

Shop for a Cause
This one isn't about us

Please hug your family and remember to count your blessings again tonight as I'm sure you already do. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook "Likes"

I need more Facebook "Likes" to get my page where I want it to be so I've decided to do a promotion to encourage everyone to stop by and check it out.

I'm giving 10% off & free shipping to the 25th person to "Like" my page.

I'm also offering a 4 pack of g-tube pads or 1 infant fitted diaper when I reach 100 "Likes". So that's my incentive to get your friends and family to "Like" my page on Facebook. :)

Suzannes Special Kids on Facebook


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's my plan

Well, I've come to the decision that I'm really bored and need to sew and re-open my shops. It's really slow sewing right now so there will only be a few items added but I'm going to try to get things going again. I'm planning to re-open both shops on Monday 3/28. There won't be many items that use the serger unless they are already done because I'm not very good with my left foot yet. ;) I can, however, add a few cloth diapers and maybe some cloth wipes. We'll just see what road this takes me down.
I'm also re-opening the fabric shop. I think I can get fabrics cut now since I can prop my foot on a rolling desk chair so if you "sew your own" then please stop by and see what fabrics I can add to your collection.
I also want to sincerely thank you all for being so patient with this mess. I've learned to only walk 1 dog at a time and pay closer attention to the coon hound. (Yes, she ended up "walking" me which is how this all happened.)
Thank you all so much!! Have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hmmmm...this just might work...for now anyway.

OK, I tried using the computerized machine yesterday to work on some baby things for a friend. It seems to work ok for me. It's REALLY slow going though. Plus I can barely reach the ironing board so I need to figure out a better way to do that. Otherwise this seems to be a do-able solution for now. Nothing fancy will happen but at least I can work on a few things over the next couple of weeks.

I'm hoping to finish up the things for my friend today & I'll post a few pics if I do). I also got a new pattern for infant diapers that I think will be really nice for her. 2 sizes, simple construction, super easy to use...perfect for someone who has never even seen cloth diapers. I figure she's planning on using disposables but it never hurts to have a few cloth for those moments when no one remembered to grab a pack of dipes at the store. Maybe I'll even get her to convert to atleast part-time cloth. After all, cloth bums on new babies are super sweet. ;)

I've got finals 3 days this week but only for 2-3 hrs each so hopefully I can work on my samples for the Overnight Solutions & get them mailed off. I just need to practice using my left foot to run the machine. This should be interesting, lol!

Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh my! It IS broken...

Well the MRI has put a huge delay in my plans. It turns out that I really did number on this poor foot. We thought that it was a severe sprain and a possible chipped bone on the outside of my ankle. It really is a severe sprain with a crush break on the Talus bone (that's the bone inside that the leg bones "rest" on in simple terms).

Now I'm completely non-weight bearing for another 4 weeks. This means no sewing, cutting, or anything with that foot. I'm not to put it on the ground pretty much.

I've decided it's time to get creative. I have a machine that will do basic sewing & embroidery that's computerized. It will run without a foot pedal. I'm planning on practicing that to get a nice product and maybe sewing some infant diapers. I'm working out how to do more g-tube pads and the Overnight Solutions since the serger isn't computerized.

I'm starting with some baby things for a friend who is expecting her first baby in early May. I'm attempting this over the weekend so I'll know soon if this will work or not. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Down" time...

Well this foot injury is becoming more and more of a problem. It seems that the doctor isn't happy with the healing it's doing for the last 3 weeks and we're going to MRI it on Wednesday. If the MRI is ok then we start physical therapy and I will *possibly* get to start sewing a little. If the MRI isn't good then we'll be looking at surgery.

Personally, I just know it's going to be good ('cause I DON'T want surgery or the time off) so I'm cutting more g-tube pads and already have my samples cut to sew and send off for approval to license for Overnight Solutions. At this rate all the licensee slots will be filled and I'll be on the wait-list. *sigh*

At least finals are only on 2 days next week then I get a break from school for a week. See...there is a silver lining, lol!