Sunday, June 15, 2008

A "MINI-VACATION" this week!! :D

My wonderful husband has surprised me with a mini-vacation! We are taking our kids and our daughter's friend to Holiday World for 2 days of fun and relaxation. I'm sooooo excited! We're even staying at the Santa Claus lodge. It's totally Christmas themed I guess. (Well, atleast we're not expected to buy Christmas gifts!) Our daughter just "had" to stay there. After all it's Santa Claus Indiana. Don't we know anything. Hehehe. She just turned 12 last week but you'd think she was 5 again. :D
This will be nice though. We've only been on 1 family vacation before. It was before our son was born. I've taken the kids 3 years ago to Disney World but my parents went not Daddy. This is a short trip (3 hour drive) and it's only 2 days but so much better than nothing. It almost didn't happen because our lift van broke down but we all need the break and my parents are so sweet as to loan us their van so we can still go. I'll post a few pictures when we get back.