Monday, July 28, 2008

Youth sized "Nikolas" diaper

Well I've gotten lots of positive feedback on this style so you should see it in my shop shortly! I'm diaper sewing like crazy and have about 16 pairs of g-tube pads waiting for their turn at the machine. I feel like I've not gotten anything finished this summer but school starts in 2 1/2 weeks so we're on a schedule again. Thank goodness! Regular time for things simply makes my life easier. I'm also working toward a license for the KCKOne in larger sizes. I probably won't carry the infant sizes but I am looking forward to being a provider for the larger child thru Adult sizes. I'll let you know when I get approved. :D


Cynthia said...

I am trying to figure out how to contact you to order something. I am interested in the wieghted blankets. Could you email me at

My name is Cindy Wincel.

Suzanne W. said...

I'm relying tonight. :D
You can always see what I've got available by going to: