Saturday, September 20, 2008

"REAL DIAPER WEEK" has started!

I know I just posted about this but you've got to hit the blog and see what's being offered! The selection is amazing. Many of the shops have tons already in them, others are like me and posting thru the week.
I'm going to try to get several more items in this weekend and custom orders are always welcome. There are some seriously cute products that are VERY easy to use just waiting to be on your little one's bum!
If you have older toddlers and children who use diapers, be it for bedtime only or all day, we can help you out there too. Why waste money on disposable pull ups and nighttime undies, still end up washing the wet PJ's and bedding, when you can buy 3 or 4 pairs of reusables and have them for as long as you need them.
I've got 6 different colored child/youth sized diapers (equal to a size 8-12 in kids) that will post, hopefully, this weekend sometime. (I'm still putting the closures on them.) Some will have snaps, others touch tape (like velcro but stronger). For those with bed wetters, I can make them pull on style so they don't look like diapers. These undies/diapers are waterproof on the outside, have elastic binding around the waist and legs, and if you prefer snaps they will match the outer fabric so they blend in. I'm also about 1/2 way done with 4 that fit little ones in 3T-6X range. If you need or want specific colors or patterns just contact me and I'll make a custom listing for you. Have a great weekend and try out a few of these. After all you'll only need a few to replace tons of disposables. It's money well saved-trust me I've been doing it for years. :D

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