Thursday, March 25, 2010

Check out Spot's Corner on Hyena Cart!

OK, I've decided to start thinning Boo's stash. After all nearly none of it fits and there are a few things that should be passed on to keep other little ones bums happy.
I opened a Hyena Cart store then I found "Spot's Corner". It's a place to sell off your gently used items! YEA!!! So anyway I have to wonderfully loved wool soakers that Penny hand knit for me a few years ago (thanks again!). There's just now way to make them fit him any longer so I listed both for sale there.
If you know anyone who can use them, please send them over here and here. They are both large/x-large so probably about 24mths-3T give or take. I put measurements in so you can check over your kiddo's best padded bum. :)

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