Friday, June 4, 2010

Apparently our congo is closing temporarily

Well, I got an email this morning that our Congo is closing for awhile. I do wish I had more time there but as it happens it's already been closed.

However, I moved all my stock to my Hyena Cart shop so everything will still be available. I have a few adult sized birdseye briefs ready to ship and some really cute stuff done so take a peak.

I'm getting ready to get things rearranged since my SIL is in labor and MIL will be staying with her soon. I've got a few new brands that will be in the shop too.

I'm in the process of getting my LaDiDa diapers approved. I'm sewing up some trainers called Overnight Solutions (larger sizes of the Tinkle Time Trainer) and some of my pattern as well. I'm also looking into Very Baby just because I'd love to have a one-sized diaper in the shop. I've got some of each out and partially sewn so the biggest part is taking lots of clear pictures and paying the licensing fees then everything will be available in the Etsy and Hyena Cart shops! It's a really exciting time for me & I can't wait to offer these wonderful items.

Have a great weekend!

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