Thursday, July 15, 2010

ABC is now OPEN!!

Amazing Baby Creations is now open on Hyena Cart. This congo (think mini-mall or strip mall) is group of several different online stores. We cater to babies, toddlers, moms and I'll be doing all the same kinds of things for special needs that I've always done and some new things too.
I'm adding larger sized bodysuit style shirts for kids up to size 14. I've got a cover listed now that fits most elementary sized kiddos if you still need cloth diapers or use training undies that aren't waterproof. These would be great to cover the rump for bedwetters. It's just a simple cover that can be wiped clean and reused a few times before needing washed.
I now have 3 online stores. They are my Etsy, my Hyena Cart and I'm also a part of Amazing Baby Creations Congo.
I'm planning on keeping similar items in each store but there will be different prints and I will have different custom options in each store. There will also be store specific items sometimes just to mix it up. :)
There are a lot of Free For Shipping items listed in the different stores too right now. I've listed nursing pads and there are soaps, wipes, diapers and lots more. All you have to do is enter and if the system picks your entry you get the item for the cost of shipping only! You can enter until the 18th at noon so stop in and enter for some really cute stuff!
Have a great weekend!

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