Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some changes for my shop

I love my custom requests and I love my family.....not always the best mix though. Since there is only one of me, I have decided to no longer post listings for custom orders. However, I just can't stop taking them so I've decided to continue to do them but only when someone contacts me. I've got so many youth and adult undies waiting to be sewn that I'm going to start working on them and only do customs if requested.
I also am going to rephrase how my custom times are figured. I want to be sure that everone understands that 2 weeks is 2 business weeks so they don't count the weekends since I don't work on Saturday and Sunday. I just need to be able to spend more quality time with my family and can't if I'm working on custom orders and sewing for my shop. Summer break is coming up so quickly and I will have both kids home plus all the summer therapy sessions will keep me out more.
Streamlining my shop will allow me to keep making quality products and since they will already be done when they're listed they will go out to you faster. My custom orders will flow better too since I will be able to keep control of what come in and when it will be ready to ship. My plan is that this will make a better situation for all of us and keep the product quality too.

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