Saturday, March 21, 2009

New soaker fabric

I've just received my shipment of Zorb. I am really pretty happy with this stuff. I've used it in several of Boo's diapers and training pants. It is a hidden layer directly beneath the layer that goes against the skin. It's like that super absorbant ShamW** stuff but made for diapers. It does hold alot and is really trim. This means that 1 layer of that is like about 4 layers of flannel or 2 layers of hemp/cotton or microfiber. I've had pretty good luck using 1 layer of Zorb with 2-3 layers of either hemp/cotton or microfiber. This lets the undies be really trim but still really absorbant. My understanding is that it is best to use no more than 2 layers of Zorb though because you lose any extra help after that. I think 1 sewn in layer and 1 in the insert works great. It does need to have another fabric though because it has a "squish" factor. When it's compressed (sitting or laying on the layer) it doesn't hold as well. If you have another absorbant fabric that may not absorb as quickly it helps. Together they have tons of holding power! I can't wait to get a few things up that are ready to ship with this stuff in them. Have a great weekend everyone!
p.s. We're on spring break for this week so I'm not going to be on the computer nearly as much for the next 10 days. It's time for my kids to be my focus for a few days. :D

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