Thursday, May 14, 2009

New things coming...

I've been so busy with the sick kids that I've gotten nothing listed in ages! They are still not better but not getting worse so I should be able to finish all the "almost finished" things and get them listed. There should be a few more diapers and some g-tube pads for boys and girls.
I really need the "break" sewing gives me (and a few sales wouldn't hurt either...goodness the economy is crummy!). I also have a few more fabrics to list that I know I honestly will not use so I'm listing them too. Check things out later this weekend to see what I get listed! Hope everyone had a great week! :)


Wires n Pliers said...

Hey Suzanne, I hope your kids get well very soon. I know what you mean about a chance to sit and sew....
Soon, perhaps you will get a break.
Girl, I understand.
have a great weekend.

Celeste Jean said...

gosh when my kid gets sick my whole schedule is wack.