Monday, August 24, 2009

"Chicken Spots"

Guess what....the varicella vaccine has a rather rare side effect. One can actually get the chicken there is only a 1-in 100 (or something like that) chance though many kids get 5-10 spots. Well Boo was required to get the vaccine to start kindergarten so I took him and HE GOT THE CHICKEN POX! So he got to attend for 2 days then stay home for a week. He's going back today though he still doesn't feel all that great. He's in the life skill class so they can let him sleep if he gets too grumpy.
Now I'm behind again so we've had to push back the re-opening again. We will also be taking a break later for about 2 weeks because Boo has been granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation!! We're taking him to Disney World. Hopefully this trip will go better than last time we went to Florida...long story short...that's when Boo had his first seizure-at the airport as we are getting on the plane. Mom & Dad continued to Florida and Boo, Gracie and I went to St. Vincent Hospital. We did get there a day & a half later but we missed doing some of Gracie's birthday stuff since the trip was cut short. Still it was nice to get away...that was 4 years ago. Now he's old enough to enjoy it so we're going back. I'll post the trip dates when I know. Have a great day everyone!

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