Sunday, February 28, 2010

Embroidery and the new stash!

I'm am so excited! I finally got my embroidery machine fixed and now I can embellish diapers and clothing again. :D

I've been thinking about how to best create & embellish undies for our special family members. I know for my son, fitted diapers with separate covers tend to work best but for our school & caregivers I need AIO's. This means that since it's time for a new stash anyway, I will make both styles in his new larger size. I still love the fit of the Rita's Rump Pocket so that's going to be our fitted style. I'm still debating between 2 AIO styles that both work well for us. I have my pattern that has been redesigned & resized and I have the KCK One larger sizes pattern. All 3 will be wonderful with some embroidery on the front or back. I love seeing my son in unique clothing that is made with love. Besides, when I make actually fits. :)

Just search "etsyclothdiaper embroidery" and you can see how cute cloth diapers are when they have some embroidery. (That's just a sample of what can be done.) Lots of us have cute characters or designs on our undies so why shouldn't our special family members. I'm excited to get all the different characters off my machine and on the undies & clothes I'm working on.

I'll be adding them to some of the ones I'm listing as well. I think putting them on undies and also on the covers will make them extra special, don't you?

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