Monday, February 15, 2010

New Undies!

Well, I'm still loving the Rita's Rump diaper pattern so I just had to re-size it again. I'm pretty happy with it so if a few more samples work for Boo then it will begin listing in both Etsy and StalkShops by the end of February.

I plan to make flannel & knit versions plus trial packs that are a few diapers and a wool cover since they won't be waterproof. It has been re-sized to fit approximately35-50 pounds (21-22" rise) and I'm working on one that will fit 50+ pounds with a 23-24" rise.

My biggest question right now is should they be pockets or fitteds? I'm not sure. Fitteds may be simpler since they are already stuffed but pockets would make them less expensive, quicker to wash & dry, and more flexible because you can use different inserts based on need.

If you have a preference, please leave me a comment! I'd love the input. :)


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