Friday, November 14, 2008

New listings-Diaper making kits

I have decided that in order to get more fabrics, for my kiddos new things and thin my ever-growing stash of fabric, I am going to offer "diaper cut kits". These will be large sized diaper cuts of PUL and an inner fabric. All you need is the type of fabric you prefer for the center soaking part, notions like thread & elastic, and a pattern. If you don't have a pattern I'll be more than happy to suggest a few I've tried and LOVE! I figure that this will allow my stash to thin and you to have tons of different prints and colors on your little one's bum. If you are sewing for a larger child, tween or adult-let me know. I can make a custom larger sized cut for you. I know those can be quite hard to find.I'm also going to offer cuts of soaker fabrics like hemp french terry and plush microfiber (way better than the auto towels we get at the discount stores!).

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