Friday, November 7, 2008

We're home-again

Boo ended up in the hospital again so all orders went on hold....again. Thankfully we're home reasonably healthy. I'm just about ready to say "only ready made" for awhile. Anyway I'm getting caught up and things are going out this weekend so I feel a bit better. If you're one of those who got stuck in this I am truly sorry and will get your items out ASAP!

On a much happier note I got to catch up on some blog reading and found the most wonderful post from Angie (Audrey Caroline's mommy). It's a 7x7 post. It's a list of 7 prayers we should pray over our children. They are 7 times each day and the challenge is to do it for 7 days (or more :D ). Please join me in prayer for our children. God has wonderful things in store for all of us and with prayer anything is possible. Also please thank God for the miracle he performed in baby Stellan who was born so very HEALTHLY!!!!! I'll get a link on mine later but there is a link on Angie's blog (I've already linked her on the sidebar). It's also a very touching story full of miracles. Have a wonderful weekend!
Suzanne :D

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