Monday, November 17, 2008

Official KCKOne Larger Sizes License is HERE!!

It's official! I can sell the KCKOne Larger Sizes in my Etsy shop. While I continue to do the "happy dance" I'm prepping the pattern and getting ready to cut out a couple. I will be including 1 soaker with each pocket diaper and will also offer additional soakers in separate listings. The sizes for these are:
Large Child- 4-10 years
Tween- 6-14 years
Adult- 25-40" waist
Large Adult- 34-50" waist
I am currently using this diaper on Nikolas and it is my FAVORITE! The school can't mess these up so they got 2 thumbs up from all of us, even his teacher & aides liket them. I think one of my favorite things is that these will grow with him so I don't need to "make more" in 2 years. I'll just have to come up with another excuse to keep buying all the great fabrics for his diapers. :D
I am licensed for the larger sizes on my website, however not the infant/toddler size (I can sell those locally though). Currently they only allow 15 online sites for the smaller sizes and I got my license too late. No worries though-I'm really in this for those of us who have bigger kids and are tired of, don't want to use, or unable to use the disposables.
Personally I'm really getting into this whole going green thing. I mean it's really not nearly as hard or time consuming as I thought it would be and look at what wonderful things we are doing for our kids. Just my 2 cents. Have a great day!!
Suzanne W. :D

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