Monday, February 23, 2009

KCK One Training Pants

I just completed the licensee paperwork and should be good to go in the next few days. If you've been to the shop don't worry...Boo's sick but we're home now so as soon as I get the last 2 custom orders out (in the next few days) I'm adding a few of these in different sizes. I'll be re-opening the shop tomorrow sometime.

Here's a few pictures so you can see what a SOPO (snap on pull off) looks like. They're really trim and I like the pocket in the back so an insert can be added if needed. I'm making these ready to go and custom so just let me know what your favorite combination is and we can get your order ready!

I used a cute dinosaur flannel inner on this one and PUL on the outside. Many thanks to ClothosSpindle on Etsy for the donated PUL-it's super cute with the dinosaurs!

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