Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pull On Styles are coming!

I've had soooo many people want to know if I have pull on style "absorbent undies" that I've decided to get licensed for the new KCK One patterns. I'm ordering them this weekend and hope to put up a few ready mades as well as the custom slots in the next 2 weeks. They have snaps or hook & loop on the side seams for easy removal but still pull on & off if desired. I also just got some more PUL in pale yellow, light green and baby blue so I'm thinking they will make wonderful ready made waterproof undies. These also have an inner welt pocket so you can add more inserts for more absorbency if you'd like. They are really nice. I made a few for my son to use at school and I'm waiting to see if they like them better than the diaper shaped ones.

Another thought-I've decided that I really don't care for calling my larger sized undergarments "diapers". Regardless of whether or not they are shaped like them-it implies "baby" to most and disable people aren't babies. They are simply differently-abled. With this in mind you will see that I am in the process of rewording my listings to state something like "absorbent undies" instead of diapers. Even those with challenged minds still wish to be treated with respect. Bladder/bowel control issues should not be demeaning. :)
Now if life will continue to cooperate I can finish my custom orders and put up a few ready-made KCK's!
Have a great week everyone!
The binder is really working for me, just google "home management binder" and set up something like it for yourself. It really keeps you on track. ;)

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Mommy Bee said...

Ah Suzanne, I love how you work so hard to create these products, and always remember that these are real people, not just 'paying customers.' :)
There need to be more people making these larger sized absorbent underwear I think. I find that my pantyliners (good for mild incontinence) are very hot sellers...of course I don't know how many people get them for bladder issues or just for menstrual, but I suspect both. :) And it's so nice to have a discreet and affordable way to take care of those issues. We all have issues, it's just that some people have hidden ones and others do not.