Sunday, March 8, 2009


OK, the kids have both had pneumonia for the last 3 weeks. I've been fighting it off but last week it finally won. I've been down and out for the last 7-8 days but with the help of Augmentin 875 I'm finally starting to feel better.
I'm slowly working on the last 3 of the custom orders that came in during the previous 2 weeks. I will be sewing some this weekend so I can get them out during the first part of the week.
I think I will be putting a hold on custom orders next week to give me time to finish up everything. If you hit the shop and want a custom order, please be patient. I'm starting them up again on March 16, 2009.
I'm so sorry to all who have been waiting so patiently. I am working to get everything out asap. Thanks!

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Deanna said...

I'm so sorry that you all have been sick. I hope you are all better now!
I'll be thinking of you!