Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's my plan

Well, I've come to the decision that I'm really bored and need to sew and re-open my shops. It's really slow sewing right now so there will only be a few items added but I'm going to try to get things going again. I'm planning to re-open both shops on Monday 3/28. There won't be many items that use the serger unless they are already done because I'm not very good with my left foot yet. ;) I can, however, add a few cloth diapers and maybe some cloth wipes. We'll just see what road this takes me down.
I'm also re-opening the fabric shop. I think I can get fabrics cut now since I can prop my foot on a rolling desk chair so if you "sew your own" then please stop by and see what fabrics I can add to your collection.
I also want to sincerely thank you all for being so patient with this mess. I've learned to only walk 1 dog at a time and pay closer attention to the coon hound. (Yes, she ended up "walking" me which is how this all happened.)
Thank you all so much!! Have a wonderful evening!

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