Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Down" time...

Well this foot injury is becoming more and more of a problem. It seems that the doctor isn't happy with the healing it's doing for the last 3 weeks and we're going to MRI it on Wednesday. If the MRI is ok then we start physical therapy and I will *possibly* get to start sewing a little. If the MRI isn't good then we'll be looking at surgery.

Personally, I just know it's going to be good ('cause I DON'T want surgery or the time off) so I'm cutting more g-tube pads and already have my samples cut to sew and send off for approval to license for Overnight Solutions. At this rate all the licensee slots will be filled and I'll be on the wait-list. *sigh*

At least finals are only on 2 days next week then I get a break from school for a week. See...there is a silver lining, lol!

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